Membership Application




Section 1.
Classification of Members
1.1 Founding member
1.2 Associate
1.3 Fellow
1.4 Honorary Fellow
Section 2.
Admission of Members
2.1 Founding member
2.1.1 Ophthalmologist from the Asia-Pacific Region who has participated in the founding of the Society on November 26-29, 2000 and has paid the required dues and other assessments.
2.1.2 Ophthalmologist from the region who has expressed in writing, e-mail, or fax message his/her desire to be a founding member and has paid the required dues on or before November 26, 2000.
2.1.3 Founding member who has qualified as Associate or Fellow shall be declassified and listed as such.
2.2 Associate
2.2.1 Any Asia-Pacific Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon based on qualifications recommended by his/her national or territorial Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Society.
2.2.2 Asia-Pacific Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons who do not belong to a national/territorial ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery society either because there is no such society or has not been admitted if there is one, should present to the Executive Council the following documents for evaluation and approval of the application. License in the medical practice; Completion of a residency in Ophthalmology. Completion of special training in Oculoplasty from a recognized institution. Recommendation of two (2) Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons who are members of the Asia-Pacific Society of Ophthalmic Surgery preferably from the country or territory where applicant comes from.
2.2.3 Any ophthalmologist who has demonstrated significant experience and teaching in the practice of Oculoplasty for at least three (3) years.
2.2.4 Should have paid the regular dues and other assessments.
2.2.5 Any Founding Member who satisfies the above criteria shall be classified as associate.
2.3 Fellow
2.3.1 Must be an “Associate” of the Society for at least three (3) years.
2.3.2 Must have written and published in a reputable medical journal at least two (2) scientific papers on Oculoplasty.
2.3.3 Member of the Executive Council shall automatically be classified as Fellow.
2.3.4 The Executive Council shall evaluate and confer any regular member whose qualifications have been evaluated and has been recommended by the governing body.
2.3.5 Should have paid the regular dues and other assessments.
2.4 Honorary Fellow
2.4.1 The executive council can recommend any deserving Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who has contributed significantly to the advancement of the specialty to be Honorary Fellow
2.4.2 Honorary Fellow shall be appointed by the Executive Council and/or
2.4.3 He/She may be requested to assist in the preparation of the program, invitation of speakers and participants in scheduled meetings and workshops as well as to provide some facility for the success of the project.
2.4.4 Honorary Fellow shall not be required to pay biennial dues but may be assessed for activities related to the Society.
2.4.5 Honorary Fellow shall not have the right to vote or hold elective positions.
Section 3.
Asia-Pacific Countries and Territories of members
3.1 The countries and territories included are the following:
  3.1.1 Philippines
3.1.2 Australia
3.1.3 Bangladesh
3.1.4 Brunei
3.1.5 Cambodia
3.1.6 China
3.1.7 Hawaii
3.1.8 Hong Kong
3.1.9 India
3.1.10 Indonesia
3.1.11 Japan
3.1.12 South Korea
3.1.13 Malaysia
3.1.14 New Zealand
3.1.15 Pakistan
3.1.16 Singapore
3.1.17 Taiwan
3.1.18 Thailand
3.1.19 Vietnam
3.1.20 United States
(States in the Pacific Coast)
3.2 Other Asia Pacific Countries or territories may be included in the list upon the recommendation of the executive council without the necessity of amending this Constitution and By-Laws.
Section 4.
Membership in good standing.
4.1 Up-to-date in payment of dues, fees, and other financial obligations.
4.2 Attendance in meetings, congresses, and workshops of the organization at least once in four (4) years.
ection 5.
Termination of Membership
5.1 Expulsion
5.1.1 Non-Payment of dues of four (4) consecutive years.
5.1.2 Commitment and/or engagement in unethical acts and practices inimical to the Society after a written complaint has been received by the Executive Council.
5.1.3 The Executive Council shall decide on the merits of the above basis for expulsion.
5.2 Resignation in writing addressed to the Executive Council
5.3 Incapacity or death.
Section 6.
6.1 Terminated members other than because of death can reapply for reinstatement in writing. The Executive Council will decide on the merits of the application.