Aichi Medical University - Aichi, Japan

Aichi Medical University - Aichi, Japan

Availability of Fellowships and Observerships in Aichi Medical University


Number of Fellowships

Observers are accepted and do not pay a fee.

Experience Required

Experience preferred but not essential.

Normal Duration of Fellowship

1 to 12 months. Fellows usually appointed 6-12 months ahead. Interview required for both Japan-based and overseas applicants. (but may be telephone interview)


Observership is OK in anytime.

Training Offered

1 = minimum
2 = moderate
3 = full

Eyelid 3
Lacrimal 3
Orbit 3

Research is an essential requirement for Oculoplastic Fellows.


Oculoplastic clinics/week 3
Oculoplastic lists/week 3
Non-oculoplastic sessions/week e.g. General clinics 0

Access to Other Specialties

Plastic Surgery


Accommodation available inside or outside hospital.

Contact Details

Department of Oculoplastic Orbital & Lacrimal Surgery, Aichi Medical University Hospital.
1-1 Karimata-Yazako, Nagakute, Aichi 480-1195, Japan.
TEL: +81-561-62-3311
FAX: +81-561-76-0822

Sites of Work

Aichi Medical University
Consultant Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeons

Prof. Hirohiko Kakizaki

Prof. Yasuhiro Takahashi