Section 1.  Executive Council
1.1   The Executive Council of the organization shall be seventeen (17) officers and directors of the Society.
1.2   The term of office of members of the Executive Council shall be two (2) years subject to re-elections.
Section 2.  Officers and Directors
2.1   The Officers shall be the following:
2.1.1   President2.1.2 1st Vice-President
2.1.3   2nd Vice-President
2.1.4   3rd Vice-President
2.1.5   Secretary
2.1.6   Treasurer
2.2   Directors
2.2.1   Eleven (11) Directors
Section 3.  Advisory Board
3.1   The Advisory Board shall serve as consultant of the Executive Council.
3.2   The Executive Council shall choose and appoint the members of the Advisory Board except for the first set of Advisory Board.
3.3   The immediate past-president shall be automatically a member of the Advisory Board.
3.4   Members of the Advisory Board need not be from the Asia-Pacific region.
3.5   The term of office of the members of the Advisory Board shall be ten (10) years.
Section 4.  Powers and Duties of the Executive Council
4.1   Promulgate rules and procedures governing all the activities of the Society.
4.2   Prepare the program and schedule of meetings, congresses, workshops of the Society.
4.3   Act on the application and status of members.
4.4   Fill up vacancies in the Executive Council.
4.5   Create other positions and committees and appoint members as deemed necessary for the efficient functioning of the Society.
Section 5.  Additional Duties of the Officers
5.1   President
      The President shall:
5.1.1   Preside on all meetings of the Society.
5.1.2   Supervise the general operation of the Society.
5.1.3   Recommend members of the different committees created by the Executive Council.
5.1.4   Represent the Society in its external affairs such as dealing with other regional ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery organisations as well as other medical and non-medical organisations.
5.1.5   Perform such acts deemed necessary for the interest of the Society.
5.2   Vice-Presidents
5.2.1   Assume the duties of the President during his/her absence or incapacity.
5.2.2   Assist the Executive Council in preparing the programs of the Society.
5.2.3   Perform other duties as may be necessary for the interest of the Society or as may be directed by the governing body.
5.2.4   In the event of absence or incapacity of the President, the sequence in assuming the role as President will be according to the sequence of the position. Thus, the 1st Vice-President, will be first, followed by the 2nd Vice-President, and then the 3rd Vice-President.
5.3   Secretary
5.3.1   Record all the minutes of the meetings of the organization and the Executive Council.
5.3.2   Keep the records of all past and present activities of the organization as well as its future plans.
5.3.3   Keep an updated record of all the members including their biodata and membership status.
5.3.4   Notify all concerned of the scheduled meetings.
5.4   Treasurer
5.4.1   Custodian of funds and properties of the organization.
5.4.2   Record all funds received and disbursed by the organization.
5.4.3   Disburse funds for operational expenses and other purposes only with knowledge and concurrence of the President.
5.4.4   Maintain an updated record of the funds and properties of the organization.
5.4.5   Render a report on the cash position of the Society when so ordered by the Executive Council.
5.5   Directors
5.5.1   Shall attend all meetings of the Executive Council and perform such duties necessary for the interest of the Society.
5.5.2   Shall perform the duties and responsibility of the committee where he is assigned.