Section 1.   Standing Committees
1.1   The Society shall have the following Standing Committees
1.1.1   Nominations
1.1.2   Membership
1.1.3   Scientific Program
1.1.4   Finance
1.1.5   Legal
1.1.6   Ethics
1.1.7   Public Relations
1.1.8   Research
1.2   Each Committee shall have one (1) Chairman and at least two (2) other members
1.3   The Executive Council shall approve membership to the Committees.
1.4   The term of office shall be two (2) years
1.5   Other Committees may be added as the need arises.
Section 2.   Duties
2.1   Nominations
2.1.1   Shall formulate guidelines for the selection of nominees for election to the Executive Council which consists of seventeen (17) members.
2.1.2   Shall screen and nominate candidates for election to the executive council from among the active members.
2.1.3   In case of any vacancy in the Executive Council, it shall screen and submit to the Executive Council at least three (3) nominees for each vacant position for selection by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Executive Council.
2.2   Membership
2.2.1   Shall screen applicants for membership and make recommendations for the Executive Council.
2.2.2   Shall determine and keep a record of the status of members.
2.3   Scientific Program
2.3.1   Shall prepare a scientific program for the Society for every scientific meeting.
2.3.2   Shall recommend the speakers and lecturers for any particular scientific meeting
2.3.3   Shall keep a record of all scientific programs conducted by the Society.
2.4   Finance
2.4.1   Shall determine the financial needs of each scientific program and other projects.
2.4.2   Shall propose or recommend the sources of funds
2.4.3   Shall work closely with the Treasurer to determine the financial status of each member.
2.5   Legal
2.5.1   Shall review the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society from time to time.
2.5.2   Shall recommend proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws.
2.5.3   Shall assist and provide legal assistance to members and fellows who may encounter legal problems in their practice.
2.6   Ethics
2.6.1   To study and investigate unethical practice of members and fellows.
2.6.2  To recommend measures to punish erring members and fellows.
2.7   Public Relations
2.7.1   Shall provide the necessary information on the activities of the Society to its members.
2.7.2   Shall provide the necessary information of public interest.