Section 1.   Funds of the Society shall be derived from the following sources:
1.1   Membership and biennial dues of the members. Initially, it shall be One Hundred US Dollars ($100). This may be changed for justifiable reasons by the Executive Council.
1.1.1   All members, associates, fellows, and officers and directors are required to pay biennial dues.
1.1.2   Honorary fellows are exempted from paying annual dues. However, donations from them will be accepted.
1.2   Contributions from national or territorial Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Societies for specific projects.
1.3  Funds derived from holding meetings, postgraduate courses, seminars, congresses, and workshops.
1.4   Donations received from philanthropic organizations, associations or individuals.
1.5   Funds received from the sale of records, journals, videotapes, etc.
Section 2.   The funds shall be collected by the Treasurer and deposited in a reputable bank..
Section 3.   Accounting of funds should be done and reported from time to time.
Section 4.   Disbursement of funds by the Treasurer should only be made in concurrence with the President.